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Native American Family Dance Group of Orange County, CA.

RedBoy Productions is a Native American Family Dance Group maintained by Native American artists and educators serving Orange County. Since 2010, we have been dedicated to educating the general public about Native American culture and traditions through song, storytelling, dances, theater, workshops, art crafts, and other cultural forms of expression.  

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RedBoy Productions represents artists from Indigenous cultures. We are representing the native culture through cultural festivals, educational workshops, presentations, and programs. We focus on addressing stereotypes and fostering an awareness of Native American cultures from a historical perspective on contemporary cultural practices. 

We are compromised to create venues for Native American artists who share their art forms with the public and each other. This provides opportunities to become financially self-reliant.

Working alongside artists for educational programs, lectures, workshops is another way RedBoy Productions helps support the community.

Our Vision

Our vision at RedBoy Productions is to create a community of vibrant, well-educated, and multi-generational people, which all of them are guided to recognize and give their talents, gifts, and blessings in service to our natural and unique place in the world through Native American songs, dances, art, history, and more.

Our Mission

RedBoy Productions’ mission is to promote Native American culture to the community creating a cultural connection in youth, adults, and elders. We guide through our workshops, training, mentorshop[s and support to any person looking for leadership in personal and professional lifestyle.

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Orange County, California, USA

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RedBoy Productions hosts cultural festivals, educational workshops, native dance presentations, and educational programs addressing Native Culture.

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