What You Will Learn

In addition to native dances, there were also native cultural education, storytelling, Indian history, art workshops, and keynote speaking.


RedBoy Productions is dedicated to educating the general public through the most cultural native dances and performances.


Utilizing traditional healing traditions as a way of maintaining balance and well-being, RedBoy Productions offers valuable workshops.


From  Kindergarten to the university level, RedBoy Productions offers Indian History, Storytelling, and Education Advocacy.



Native American Dances will enliven your long-hour work conferences by pausing the agenda.

Corporate Events

We put a special touch to your corporate events with our incredible Native American dances.

School Assemblies

Children, youth, teachers, and the principal will be amazed by our Native American dances.

Special Events

From birthdays to weddings, our Native American dancers will be the special touch of any event.



Providing comprehensive information on topics to inspire entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Goal Setting

Providing outstanding leadership and goal-setting strategies to generate growth and sustainability.

Self Discovery

They are guiding people to recognize and give their gifts in service to our unique and natural planet.

The Sacred Hoop

Mending the Sacred Hoop is to change perspective to end violence against Native American people.

Well Being

We are promoting the well-being of Native American people by embracing the traditions of our ancestors.


Cultural Sensitivity Training

It is understanding tribal resiliency within a historical context when integrating Native American culture.

Educational Enrichment

We are finding a path towards success by using Native American positive culture, philosophy, and traditions.

K-12 Native American Arts and Crafts

Helping people, young and old, develop their Native American artistic gifts, crafts, arts, and skills.

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RedBoy Productions hosts cultural festivals, educational workshops, native dance presentations, and educational programs addressing Native Culture.

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